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Permit matters

Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, issues permits connected to the manufacture, sales and import of alcohol, sales of tobacco products and private social and healthcare services. The associated permit and report forms are available on the Enterprise Finland service website. You can read more information in English on Valvira's website.

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment issue permits and licences connected to business, transport and the environment. The associated permit and report forms are available on the Enterprise Finland service website. You can also read more and check the contact information on the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment's website.

Permits and licences connected to aviation and maritime, rail and road traffic are issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi. The associated permit and report forms are available on the Enterprise Finland service website. More information in English is available on Trafi's website.

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) resolves many permit matters connected to environmental safety and water systems. AVI also grants licences and permits connected to serving alcohol, unusual opening hours and animal protection matters (such as animal farms). Check all the permit matters subject to the AVI on the AVI’s permits and announcements page (page in Finnish, information in English and the contact details on the AVI website.)

The authorities of the City of Tampere issue many kinds of permits for example related to starting food business or establishment, conducting work on the street, construction, event organizing, market trade, setting up terraces and advertisement installations. Also, the City issues permits connected to health and environmental safety. Learn more about which functions and establishments require permit or licence on the website of the City of Tampere (website in Finnish, contact tel. 03 5656 4400, for work on the street katuluvat(at), event organizing tapahtumatoimisto(at), health safety terveydensuojelu(at), renting a long term spot at market square kiinteistotoimi(at), renting a one day spot at market square tel. 050 050 9755, environmental safety ymparistonsuojelu(at)

The law restricts the carrying out and commissioning of certain work. It is possible to carry out some work with a special exemption or authorisation from Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and some work must be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Learn more in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration online service (website in Finnish, tel. 0295 018 450).

Information on permits and notifications connected to assembly, collecting money and blasting work is provided by the police. The police must be notified of fireworks displays, for example. Learn more about licence and permit matters under the purview of the police on the police licence page.

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea gives marketing authorisations to medicinal products before they can be introduced to market. Also, Fimea gives other permits and certificates related to medicinal products for example for export purposes. Read more on Fimea’s website or call +358 29 522 3341. Moreover, Fimea issues licences for pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and dispensaries and monitors the lawfulness of their activities, the safety of medicinal products manufacture and the marketing of medicinal products. Read more here.

The Promoting Tampere Association (Tampere Tunnetuksi ry) is in charge of administrating and renting out market and sales spots and terrace areas in Tampere in Kuninkaankatu pedestrian street (between Hämeenkatu and Satakunnankatu) and on pavement areas in Hämeenkatu (between park Koskipuisto and railway station). For more information please contact Liina Kangas (liina.kangas(at), tel. 040 7011 242). In matters concerning renting terrace space for selling alcoholic beverages in above mentioned areas, please contact the City's Real Estate Unit (kiinteistotoimi(at) or tel. 03 565 611). If You are interested in renting the Event Space (tapahtumatori) in Hämeenkatu, please contact Tampere Event Office.