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Financing for new entrepreneurs

Advice connected to applying for a start-up grant is provided by the local TE Office. Fill in the TE Services online start-up grant application or contact the Tampere Region business counsellors directly. You can find the application form and contact information on the TE Services website (the local TE Office page in Finnish, information in English on the national TE Services website).

Finnvera offers new entrepreneurs financing solutions, mapping of financing options and planning services. Telephone +358 29 460 2582 (Mon-Fri 9 am–4:15 pm) or read more information on the Finnvera website.

A new company heading straight for the international market can apply for Tekes funding in order to determine its preconditions for internationalisation. Tekes can, for example, fund the testing of a new product or service concept with potential customers. The funding can also be used for marketing strategy development and for the development and protection of intellectual property rights. Please find more information about the funding opportunities offered by Tekes on the Tekes website.

Kela grants business subsidies in the rehabilitation context to help self-employed persons and entrepreneurs with an illness or disability to start up a business and to acquire necessary tools and instruments. The amount of subsidy granted is determined on grounds what is necessary and reasonable. The subsidy can cover up to 80 % of your projected costs and can be up to EUR 17 000. Read more information here and how to claim vocational rehabilitation here.