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In addition to developing its own business life and urban environment in an innovative fashion, Tampere also serves as the national developer of smart cities, industrial regeneration and the open data business.

In the 21st century, the City of Tampere has emphasised programme-based development of business life, which brings together various parties, makes focusing on specific key fields possible and increases their visibility. In addition to the industrial policy Open Tampere programme, the City of Tampere manages the Smart cities and industrial regeneration theme of Tekes’ Innovative Cities (INKA) programme as well as the Open data spearhead project of the six largest cities in Finland. Tampere is also creating a national innovation voucher system, thus being the driving force behind the development of business services.

Innovation voucher

Services supported with the innovation voucher may include:

  1. Developing SME networks, platforms and ecosystems to speed up internationalisation and participation in procurement market dialogue phases with pilots and demos
  2. Speeding up RDI activities by promoting quick experimenting and new launches with SMEs, research institutes and universities
  3. Promoting applying for funding (national and EU application processes, such as Horizon 2020), project preparations, financial brokerage

The innovation voucher boosts wide-ranging impact (thousands of companies), increases co-operation between research organisations and the private sector and serves as a catalyst, speeding up the companies’ own investments and contributions in order to grow their business. The voucher is used to support quick launches and to promote the emergence of a genuine culture of experimentation, also at SMEs. The digital service platform based on open data combines the supply of services of private operators and research institutes for companies in accordance with set criteria.

Preliminary studies (in Finnish) about the innovation voucher were carried out in 2015 and the goal is to award the first vouchers in autumn 2016.

The first innovation vouchers to be piloted will be allocated to themes also emphasised in the Government Programme, which include Industrial Internet, well-being, and physical exercise as a service.

Jukka Reunavuori
Project Manager, Innovation voucher
Business Tampere
Tel. +358 40 637 8702

Innovation programmes

Six City Strategy programme

The Six City Strategy is a strategy for sustainable urban development jointly carried out by the six largest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. The strategy will be carried out between 2014 and 2020 with the aim of creating new know-how, business and jobs in Finland.

The Six City Strategy is based on open operating models that let the entire city community participate in development work. A functional city community is an entity consisting of city residents, companies, research and development operators and authorities.

The Six City Strategy has three focus areas:

  1. Open innovation platforms
  2. Open data and interfaces
  3. Open participation and customership