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Situational Picture of Innovation

The Situational Picture of Innovation of the Tampere region provides up-to-date information about the innovation activities in the area.

The annual Situational Picture of Innovation tracks phenomena in the innovative field, which those operating in the Tampere region can influence in the short and medium term and which have jointly been recognised as strategically important. Knowledge management is used to support the innovation decision-making of the region.

The system and the operating model of the Situational Picture of Innovation have been developed since 2013. An extensive group of experts and prominent figures from the regional administration, universities, advocacy organisations, innovation platforms as well as the corporate and financial sector participate in the development process. The operating model is being developed continuously with domestic and international experts (such as OECD, MIT) and it is steered by the Council of Tampere Region.

The information base of the Situational Picture of Innovation is compiled from open data and materials tracked by the local innovation operators. Information blind spots have also been identified during the process, with the aim of finding new data sources for them to increase strategically important information.

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