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6Aika - The Six City Strategy homepage >


Ahlman (in Fin) homepage >


Business Angels Finland (BAF) (in Fin) homepage >


Campus Club (TUT) homepage >
Catabult homepage >
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment homepage >
Council of Tampere Region homepage >

D (in Fin) homepage >
Demola Tampere homepage >
Dimecc homepage >


East Wings homepage >
Edutech (TUT) homepage >
EFSI (ESIR) homepage >
Ensimetri homepage >
Enterprise Europe Network homepage >
Enterprise Finland homepage >
Eränelo (in Fin) homepage >
EURES homepage >
Export Finland homepage >


Fellow Finance Oyj homepage >
Federation of Finnish Enterprises homepage >
Fiban homepage >
Finlex Data Bank homepage >
FinnFund homepage >
Finnish Industry Investment Ltd homepage >
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health homepage >
Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea homepage >
Finnish Patent and Registration Office homepage >
Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce homepage >
Finnish Tax Administration homepage >
Finnish Trade Organization Fintra (in Fin) homepage >
Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi homepage >
Finnish Venture Capital Association homepage >
Finnmedi Oy homepage >
Finnpartnership homepage >
Finnvera homepage >
Fixura homepage >
Forum for intelligent machines FIMA homepage >
FundedByMe homepage >
Fundu Oy homepage >


Golden Bridge homepage >
Gorilla Ventures homepage >


Hallituspartnerit Tampere homepage >
HealthHUB homepage >
Hermia Business Development homepage >
Hermia Group homepage >
Hermia Ventures Oy (in Fin) homepage >
Hiomo (TAKK) homepage >
Horizon 2020 SME homepage >
Hyvä Diili -mentoripankki homepage >


Indiegogo homepage >
INKA Tampere homepage >
International Chamber of Commerce homepage >
Invesdor homepage >
IPR.VC homepage >
ITS Factory homepage >


Kampusareena homepage >
Kansalaisrahoitus Oy (in Fin) homepage >
Kantri ry homepage >
Kasvu open homepage >
Kauppi campus homepage >
KELA homepage >
Kickstarter homepage >


Manufuture homepage >
Me2We homepage >
Mediapolis homepage >
Mesenaatti homepage >


New Factory homepage >
Novago homepage >
Nuoret Yrittäjät (in Fin) homepage >
Nuorten yrittäjien voimala NYV / Pirkanmaan Nuoret Yrittäjät (in Fin) homepage >


Occupational Safety and Health authority in Finland homepage >
Open data business panel (in Fin) homepage >
Opsorekry (in Fin) homepage >

P (in Fin) homepage >
Pirkanmaa Business Mentors homepage >
Pirkanmaan TE-toimisto (in Fin) homepage >
Pirkanmaan viestinvaihto (in Fin) homepage >
Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät (in Fin) homepage >
Police of Finland homepage >
POPJob (TUT) homepage >
Privanet (in Fin) homepage >
Proagria homepage >
Proakatemia (TAMK) homepage >


Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) homepage >
Regus Kora/Kora at Tampere homepage >


SMACC Smart machines and manufacturing competence centre homepage >
Synergos homepage >


Talent Tampere homepage >
Talli (TUT) homepage >
Tammer-lex (in Fin) homepage >
Tampark homepage >
Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK homepage >
Tampere Business Campus (TBC) homepage >
Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry homepage >
Tampere Entrepreneurship Society/Tampere ES homepage >
Tampere Junior Chamber International homepage >
Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea homepage >
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) homepage >
Tampere Vocational College TREDU homepage >
Tampere University of Technology TUT homepage >
Tampere Region Cooperative Centre homepage >
Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF) homepage >
Business events calendar homepage >
TeamFinland homepage >
TEKES - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation homepage >
TE Services homepage >
The Office of Bankruptcy Ombudsman homepage >
The Unemployment Insurance Fund homepage >
TKI-Verstas (in Fin) homepage >
TreStart (in Fin) homepage >


University of Tampere UTA homepage >
University of Tampere career services homepage >
Uratehdas (in Fin) homepage >


Valmennusmajakka (in Fin) homepage >
Valvira homepage >
Vauraus Suomi Oy (in Fin) homepage >
Venture Bonsai Oy homepage >
Vertaislaina ( (in Fin) homepage >
Vigo Accelerators homepage >
Visit Finland homepage >
Visit Tampere homepage >
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd homepage >


Y-Kampus (TAMK) homepage >
Ylöjärven kauppahuone (in Fin) homepage >
Ylötehdas (TREDU) (in Fin) homepage >
YTJ - The Business Information System homepage >
Yritystehdas (TREDU) (in Fin) homepage >
Yritystulkki homepage >