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Co-operation with research institutions

The leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, provides expert services based on research and information for domestic and international customers, business life, public sector and other actors. For example, Pk-projektilähdöt (SME project starts) offers projects for implementing ready-made solution models and methods with changing themes, and the Yhteistyön toimintamalli (Co-operation model) includes product, process and business development and technology consultation according to your needs.

A specialist in developing and providing product development and innovation services, Hermia Group links together the competence of industry and commerce, public sector and the world of research and supports the creation of new business on both national and international level. It offers a variety of innovation, training and coaching, start-up, product development and networking services, and makes high-quality research data, top experts in their fields and ready-made networks available to companies and organisations.

Hermia Business Development Ltd specialises in the development of technology and growth companies. Its services focus on business development, growth funding, international cooperation and technology transfer. Learn more on the Hermia Business Development Ltd website.

FinnMedi Oy is a life sciences sector company. Its services include clinical pharmaceutical trials and business development services. FinnMedi Oy is a pathway to the latest national and international research competence, researchers, university hospitals, companies in the field, financiers and other networks. Learn more on the Finnmedi Oy website.