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News Updated at: 10.05.2018

Creative zest - economic development programme of the Tampere city region 2017-2021

The Tampere city region needs creative zest: the courage to combine its traditional strengths with new development opportunities, thus enabling its continued successful growth. For this reason, the focus areas selected for the economic development programme rely on the city region’s persistently developed strengths and improve them.

Focus areas in the economic development programme:

1. Renewing Industry.
The ongoing structural change can be turned into a new kind of quality‐driven growth by investing in new business models and emerging technologies.

2. Smart City Solutions.
The city region’s growth challenges it to create solutions for keeping everyday life in the region smooth and functional. This enables the development of new kinds of technologies and business models.

3. Health and Well‐being.
The major changes in the field are a development and growth opportunity for the Tampere city region. The new solutions will be based on the ability to combine services providing customer value with the opportunities created by ICT and the health, bio‐ and genetic technologies, thus improving the quality of citizens’ life and generating new business.

4. Event & Experience Economy.
The good accessibility, strong attractions and successful marketing of the Tampere city region are the cornerstones of its economic development in terms of events and experiences. The region must be able to attract tourists in addition to providing its residents with a pleasant environment and good experiences.

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