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Expert services for recruitment and supported employment are provided by the services for employers of the Tampere Region TE Office. Telephone the corporate services number on +358 295 045 503 or check the TE Office’s employer page (in Finnish) for more detailed contact information.

The following services help you find the freshest experts in the Tampere Region students and recent graduates:

  • The free POPJob service unites companies and students of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) looking for jobs or places to complete practical training or thesis work. In addition, TUT’s employer marketing helps companies increase their profile among students in the form of introductory visits and business events. Read more on TUT’s Career Services pages.
  • helps you reach recently graduated masters of the University of Tampere as well as students looking for periodic and project work. Announce an open job.
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has a total of around 10,000 students in the fields of culture, business economics, data processing, tourism and hospitality, natural resources and environmental protection, social and health care and technology. TAMK’s Recruit students page describes the many ways in which you can benefit from a future expert.
  • Proakatemia’s (TAMK) student teams offer services to companies related to different projects, for example in sales and marketing, web services, audiovisual production and print media, business and event organising. If you are looking for a team for your project, take a look at the services offered by teams and contact the teams.
  • Product development and innovation services in IT sector are offered by the co-operative Verstas, which is formed by students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The co-operative works as a staffing agency and companies can find a student for example in software technology, electronics and telecommunications to realize their project through subcontract arrangement. Contact Ari Rantala ari.rantala(at) or tel. +358 40 5281184 for more information.

Those looking for apprentice employees can find both employees and all the necessary information in the service (website in Finnish, tel. +358 3 5654 7999, e-mail oppi.sopimus(at) In the service, you can browse jobseeker profiles, read success stories and check what you need to remember when recruiting an apprentice. The service is maintained by Tampere Vocational College Tredu.

Uratehdas (Career factory) (website in Finnish) is a free recruitment channel for companies interested in highly educated people with technology and business skills in the Tampere Region. The database includes over 450 skilled engineers, bachelors of business administration specialised in business or information technology, masters of economic sciences and masters of science in technology or engineering, who all share an interest in finding new career opportunities. For more information, please contact Communications Manager Maija Heino (tel. + 358 50 4081180, e-mail maija.heino(at)

If your company needs new innovation power, you may find the right talents through TreStart activities (website in Fin). In the events of TreStart networking platform, talented job seeking professionals from different expertise fields are connected with local businesses with the aim to create new jobs. For more information, contact Petteri Valonkallio (+358 50 524 7474, petteri.valonkallio(a), Jarmo Rintamäki (+358 40 558 6194, jarmo.rintamaki(a) or Petri Pekkola (+358 40 760 8116, petri.pekkola(a)

As an employer you may be eligible for a pay subsidy when you hire an unemployed jobseeker for employment or apprenticeship training. A pay subsidy is always discretionary. The amount of subsidy to be paid may vary from 30 to 50 % of payment expenses and the period over which it will be paid varies normally from 6 to 12 months. Read more on TE Offices website.

Remember to check the recruitment events in the Business Events calendar!