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Good to know about employment contracts

What does an employee’s wage consist of? The Federation of Finnish Enterprises has compiled some important figures in one place (page in Finnish, information in English on The Federation of Finnish Enterprises website). Instructions and calculators connected to wage payment matters are available at (in Finnish).

In Finlex you can find all the information you might need about statutory collective labour agreements (page in Finnish, information in English on the Finlex website).

Information about organising voluntary occupational healthcare is provided by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Information about organising statutory occupational healthcare and the associated reimbursements from Kela is provided by Kela’s website for employers (page in Finnish, Kela website in English.)

Precise information on tax and forms for employment matters are available on the Tax Administration website.

Information on statutory insurance for the entrepreneur, personnel and company is provided by various insurance and employee pension insurance companies. You can search online with search words such as “YEL”, “TYEL”, “accident insurance” or “legal expenses insurance”.

Customised for the Tampere Region, Yritystulkki contains some information about wages and extra payments of wages an employer needs to take into account. The website contains also a ready-made template to make financial calculations.