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Training for personnel

Enquire about customised training services for personnel competence development in business telephone service of the Tampere Region TE office on +358 295 045 503 or contact the training expert Urpo Salkoaho directly at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa, tel. +358 295 036 097.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health provides companies with training, consultancy and research services connected to occupational well-being.

The Tampere Region Co-operative Centre provides training and expert services connected to co-operative entrepreneurship. Contact Ulla Leppänen (+358 50 3950 112, ulla.leppanen(at)

Naturally, the Tampere Region educational institutes also offer educational for personnel competence development:

  • Edutech of TUT – Tampere University of Technology offers SMEs customised solutions for personnel competence development.
  • UTA – the University of Tampere offers companies customised training (site in Fin) for personnel and company development needs. For more information, contact Jukka Mäkinen, +358 50 564 4886, jukka.e.makinen(at)
  • TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers training for work communities (site in Fin) either from the ongoing course selection or with customised contents. There are also other services available for work community development. For more information, contact Kristiina Lilja, +358 50 373 2966, kristiina.lilja(at)