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Network of experts

Talent Tampere

Talent Tampere collects and develops services which promote interaction between companies and international experts and the utilisation of international expertise in companies. Talent Tampere:

  • Provides counselling and guidance on issues related to international labour.
  • Compiles information and articles for employers at:
  • Organises events and opportunities for interaction and co-operation between companies and experts, particularly to strengthen the internationalisation and export activities of companies.
  • Pilots and supports new services in order to bridge the gap between companies and international experts.
  • Promotes the attractiveness of the area among experts.
  • Through the Talent Tampere group on LinkedIn, companies can reach all international experts of the area in one place:

The Talent Tampere services provided by the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea are free of charge.

“International expert” refers to international students and graduates, employees, entrepreneurs and in general all people who possess international experience and networks which would be beneficial in the business life of the area.

Professional networks of international experts are compiled on the Talent Tampere website:

Marjukka Hourunranta
Development Manager, Talent Tampere
Tredea Oy
tel. +358 40 801 2687


TWINKLE is an initiative which has emerged from among the international community of the Tampere region and which strengthens the growth and internationalisation of companies through immigrants and their networks. TWINKLE highlights international experts so that companies can benefit from their expertise, global way of thinking, networks and familiarity with the target countries.

TWINKLE will be established as an organisation in spring 2016.

The TWINKLE forms of activity include TWINKLE events as well as Brightshops between companies and experts where challenges faced by the companies will be contemplated with a diverse team of experts in order to find new solutions.