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Business co-operation

Business-oriented innovation platforms

The foundation of a business-oriented innovation platform is usually a need, the participants' common interests to solve that need and the participants' complementary fields of expertise. The purpose is to develop business through a shared platform approach. The mutual need may be associated with, for example, participation in pre-commercial tendering or research and product development co-operation. Universities and municipalities, for example, may be involved in these activities. Business-oriented innovation platforms can operate in a shared physical space and/or using digital solutions. Business-oriented platforms in the Tampere region include ITS-Factory, Smacc and Valomo Cooperative.

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Business services co-operation

The goal of the development and co-operation of business services is to make the city region’s business services an attraction factor for the area. Those who provide public business services in the region work together and are together visible to entrepreneurs. Co-operation ensures that entrepreneurs find the services they need in a flexible manner, following the “one stop shop” principle. Entrepreneurs will not be bounced around to call several places; instead, the business service network works after the first contact and the customer is directed to the right service. Co-operation is used to develop the accessibility, visibility and intelligibility of the services for companies.

Those who provide public business services work together on many different forums. The national and regional Enterprise Finland connects operators through management and steering group work, and services that support internationalisation are developed in the Team Finland Pirkanmaa work group.

Pop-up business services

The business service operators have co-developed two mobile business service point pop-up concepts: Let’s talk about business services! activation concept and Company Clinic.

Let’s talk about business services! is an activation concept used to lead the entrepreneur to the right business service provider by collecting contact requests from entrepreneurs at various events in the region. Contact is promised within one week.

At Company Clinic, entrepreneurs receive individual help for issues with their business operations from various experts in 30-minute guidance sessions. The entrepreneurs have access to an array of experts and together they will draw up the steps for future.

Both concepts have been developed based on the viewpoints and ideas of entrepreneurs. The “Pop-up business service point” project funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and municipal funding through Tredea Oy make the activities possible.

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Business services broker network

There are already some 50 trained business service brokers operating in our area and efforts are being made to intensify the competence and co-operation of this network.

More information about broker training:

In addition, co-operation takes place in different steering groups, work groups, committees as well as at various events. A good way to keep up to date on business services events in our area is to follow the calendar regularly.

Entrepreneurs will notice the closer co-operation of the business service actors in the area as better service and efficient guidance to the right service.

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Niina Immonen
Development Manager, innovation environment
Tredea Oy
Tel. +358 40 821 5113

Participate and influence!

Participate in the Tampere City Region business services development panel!

On the Tampere City Region business services development panel, you can get involved in developing the business services of the region as well as give your opinion and feedback about the services you have used. Get involved, discuss and make a difference!

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Mediapolis co-operation structures

Mediapolis Cooperative

Aito Media Oy, Aito Factory Ltd, Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Technopolis Oyj and Yleisradio Oy have founded the Mediapolis Cooperative.

The cooperative will be opened for new members in spring 2016, and it is also open to others in addition to those operating at the Mediapolis campus located in Tohloppi, Tampere. The mission of the Mediapolis Cooperative is to promote the operations and internationalisation of its members as well to connect the activities of the media industry particularly in the Tampere region.

Minna Tiihonen
Head, YLE Mediapolis
tel. +358 400 846 889

Tokka Tuotanto Cooperative

Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen
Chairman of the Board
Tokka Tuotanto Cooperative
+358 44 017 1711