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The business services section bundles the national and regional public business services, gives you a list of business events and leads you easily to the beginning of the service path.

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Hack the glass!

Glaston, the world's leading manufacturer of glass tempering machines, now opens up its product development in cooperation with hackathons and startup companies. The target is to find new solutions for future automatic heat treatment glass manufacturing machines.  Read more

The City of Tampere is among the finalists of the European Capital of Innovation Award 2017

Ten cities using the most innovative ideas to improve quality of life and to involve citizens in community life have reached the final stage of the European Capital of Innovation Award 2017. The City of Tampere has made it to this final stage. The other finalists are Aarhus, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Nice, Paris, Tallinn, Tel Aviv and Toulouse. 32 cities applied to the competition. The winners will be announced on 7 November.  Read more